Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Back From The UK...

I went to the UK in November 2006, and it was the first time that I'd been back for about 12 years. I didn't even make it to London - just to Manchester - which was quite a trip, in terms of architectural and cultural changes alone. It was great to see my Mum, Dad and Brother. It was amusing to go to local thrift stores and especially Affleck's Palace - which remains as a Northern Mecca for all things pop-culture. On one particular Sunday - Michael Holden and Sean McLusky took to train to see me, and after a pub-crawl, we stayed at the illustrious five-star Lowry Hotel... Felt like an episode of Vincent on BBC America, with Ray Winstone... Out of the blue, my old college chum W.I.Z. sent this photo-booth pic of me, him and Paolo Sedazzari - who is now also a Director in his own right. The snapshot (above) is from around 1985 - we were all at college together. The UK has changed so much since... On my visit I managed to sit down for a drink with Barry Hale from Threshold Studios. It was strange to discuss how the great, grey-green River Irwell and surrounding Lowry Center had been transformed into what looked like a set from a gritty Bladerunner... WHo knows? Maybe TRIP CITY might be filmed in a futuristic setting, after all... Stay Tuned...
VISIT Affleck's Palace
STAY at the Lowry - or not
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